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'A Flicker in the Dark' by Stacy Willingham

Entertaining, fast-paced if a little predictable. If you read this genre a lot, you're probably going to guess at the killer sometime around chapter five. Somehow I feel like this one was written almost solely with an eventual movie in mind. It'll make a good film, and depending on the casting, will probably do quite well. But not sure it was a particularly memorable read. It'll be a great way to pass the time if you want a fast read, although yes ... it took me almost a week to get through it. Not the fault of the writing, just that I listened only while driving. I will say though that I felt no sense of urgency once I figured out who had done it, and only rarely did I have any doubt that my guess was correct.

Audiobook note: I got the audiobook from Netgalley and coincidentally the print book from BOMC as well. I preferred reading to listening. The narrator is one I've heard before and she does this thing where her male voices are read as horse and kind of gu

ttural and with teeth clenched. It's an interesting technique, because she does sound passably male, but it also grates on the nerves after you've listened to it for a while.

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