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Welcome to Books & Crannies Reviews!

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Choosing a book is hard work these days ...

Not because there's nothing to read, but because there's so much. And so much of it is really good. Sometimes I read a book, positively inhale it, and several weeks later can't remember any details about it at all. Journaling was a great fix for a while, then I realized I always had more to say about a book than I could comfortably write longhand.

There's also the fact that I love having a book to recommend for every appetite, and sometimes have to refrain from inserting myself into conversations between two people, total strangers to me, who are talking about a book. I keep wanting to say things like, 'Wow, you know what book that sounds like?' or 'If you liked that, I have a book that you're gonna love...' Except, that would just be weird.

So, instead, there's this blog. My ode to reading and readers and books that excited, or delighted or made me angry. I think there's something here for everyone, but I hope that by categorizing them, you'll get a chance to explore the types of books you don't necessarily think you will like, and be surprised when you do. And what better way to recommend books to strangers without being weird?

So welcome, and enjoy!

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